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The Trees

Summary of the Lines

There are several individual line/pedigrees, although not as many as there were following the linking up of a couple. (We hope to continue this and prove that all list members are related!) The lines that the BeckList currently has going are:

Andover (GH)

This line starts with Thomas Beckingham (born 1660), son of Roger Beckingham (Great Hidden Line) and Anne Lamden who married 5 Jun 1687 in Thatcham, Berks. The family settled in and around the Andover area. There are two main offshoot branches to this tree, those that settled around East Meon, and those that settled around Thruxton.

Baydon (GH)

This line starts with Saymore Beckingham (born 1655), son of Roger Beckingham (Great Hidden Line) and Frances Cox who married in 1677. Branches of the family later settled in the Baydon and Overton areas.

Blewbury - Sutton

Initially a line starting in Sutton Courtney, Berkshire but now traced back a generation to Antonie Beckingham (1620 - 1673) in Blewbury, Berkshire.

Clyffe Pypard

There is no one on the BeckList from this line although Alex and Joan have details should you want them. Alex is in touch with a descendant by snail mail. It starts with Elizabeth Beckingham 1768 - 1838, born in Clyffe Pypard, Wiltshire.

Great Hidden

This is The Descendants of Roger Beckingham 1624 - 1673 who married Mary. The line starts at a place called Great Hidden near Hungerford, Berkshire. This line runs parallel to the Savernake Line, with families from each in the same places at the same time leading to the assumption that they must be linked, but where and when?

There three known main branches of this line: the Andover line, the Baydon/Overton line and the Marlborough line.

Not all details have been included in the trees. Recent generations have been removed to protect the privacy of those people.

As with all information available on the internet, the sources should be verified. For further details, including information on the original source of the data, please contact the BeckList via email or leave your name and email address in our guest book.

Marlborough (GH)

This line starts with Roger Beckingham (born 1673), son of Roger Beckingham (Great Hidden Line) and Mary Freeman who married in 1702. The family settled in the Marlborough area.


This is a small branch of the family from Monmouth, Wales, starting with Jeffrey Beckingham born there about 1819. There is a possible link to the Tynemouth to London Line (as yet still unproven).


This is the Descendants of Roger Beckingham 1684 - 1741 who married Mary in Shalbourne in 1708. The line is called "Savernake" because the families were from the villages and towns in the area of Savernake Forest, Wiltshire.

Tynemouth to London

This is a relatively new venture including Beckinghams linked from London to the North East of England, starting with William Beckingham and Sarah Bartrup marrying in London in 1776; but with another possible link via Newport in Monmouthshire in Wales.