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Member List

This is a list of all members of the BeckList, indicating their connection to the family lines.


On Distribution List

Not on BeckList E-mail Distribution List

Savernake Joan Steele (near Perth, Western Australia)
Denny Kyler(Wisconsin U.S.)
Susan Gilbert (Utah U.S.)
Sue Day (Dorset U.K.)
Albert Stacey (Derbyshire)
Alex McGahey (Oxfordshire U.K.)
Simon Davis (Wales)
Paul Vivash (Wales)
Rose-Marie Parry (Yorkshire)
Mabel Beckingham (Aldbourne, Wilts)
Roy Beckingham (Great Bedwyn)
Robert Blundy (Mold, Flintshire)
Keith Beckingham (Buckingham)
Great Hidden - Baydon Myrtle Cooper (Dorset)
Tess Walker (Devon)
Valerie Law
Lynn Campbell (British Columbia, Canada)
Susan Jones (British Columbia, Canada)
Mary Huby (Bristol)
Julie Evans (Folkstone, Kent)
Great Hidden - East Meon Emma Tolley 
Liz Gough (Surrey)
Ken Beckingham
Great Hidden - Thruxton Denis Harrison (Essex)
Glenn Morgan (Ontario, Canada)
Jean Hales
John Beckingham QC (Alberta, Canada)
Blewbury - Sutton Carolyn Bally (Illinois U.S.)
Colin Beckingham(Ontario, Canada)
Tynemouth to London Hilary Anderson (Durham, U.K)
Anne Barnes (Canada)
Chris B (New Zealand)
Chris Thompson (New Zealand)
Louise Johnson (Canada)
Monmouth Richard Thorpe  

Others have assisted in the members' research, providing valuable information. Special thanks go to Dennis Buckingham of Mallorca and Fiona Beckingham of Australia for their immeasurable help.